Commercial Steel Insulation Applications

ESP Low-E® Insulation is the perfect solution for steel building applications of all shapes and sizes. Low-E Insulation installed by itself performs as an insulation, thermal break and vapor barrier. Low-E is often installed in combination with traditional mass insulation to achieve High R-Systems. Low-E is also very effective when installed in retrofit applications when additional insulation is required in existing steel buildings. Low-E insulation products come with numerous features and benefits designed specifically for today’s steel building professionals.


Why Low-E?

Green building is not just a trend, but the wave of the future as more and more homeowners and builders demand energy efficient homes and products.ESP Low-E® Insulation products are designed for maximum energy and cost efficiency. Whether it™s under slab, under roof, around duct work or wrapping the entire house, ESP Low-E® Reflective Insulation saves more money on heating and cooling than regular insulation and housewrap.